GREENER & ECO-Friendly
pavers and bricks
Bricks from Recycled Material
Bricks from Recycled Material
GREENER & ECO-Friendly
pavers and bricks
Paver Bricks
PAver Bricks
GREENER & ECO-Friendly
pavers and bricks
Bricks Made from fly ash
Bricks Made from fly ash
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BRIXX Technology is a Remediation Manufacturer

Brixx’s process is a patented technology that produces eco-friendly construction materials. The Brixx remediation process is a renewable alternative to traditional bricks and pavers and can be used to meet the requirements of sustainable building materials in the development of schools, post offices, and road construction projects.

What We Produce

Environmentally Safe
BRIXX Construction Products

Our green-building bricks and pavers have been used in traditional construction applications, such as face brick for apartment complexes, pavers, and retaining walls.

  • Face brick
  • Veneer brick
  • Pavers
Safe BRIXX Construction Products
Stacking of Pavers on  Curing Cars
How We Do It

The Process

In the Brixx manufacturing process, a mix containing one or more industrial by-products, such as coal power plants’ coal combustion residuals (CCR), incinerated ash, red mud, precious metal mining tailings, quarry fines, glass, drilling cuts, slag, tire retread sludge, etc., is encapsulated in calcium-oxide or calcium-hydroxide crystal to render them inert and non-leachable. It is then mixed with water, blended, compacted into shape, and thermodynamically cured in an autoclave to produce attractive, strong, non-toxic, weather-resistant building products.


Advantages of
Brixx Process

Energy Efficient

Brixx process uses 70% less energy than that of traditional brick manufacturers.


Brixx products are produced using different industrial wastes that would normally be landfilled. These landfills have potential environmental risk inherent to the community, soils, and waterways. We de-risk these issues by remediating the waste.

100% Recycling

Our process does not generate any secondary solid, liquid, or gaseous waste streams and recycles 100% of any “off-spec” products.

Immediate Shipping

Products can be shipped immediately, no costly time-consuming curing process

No Waste

Brixx Technology is diverting tons of waste sent to landfills each year, with an inherent risk to the environment, while providing a high-strength, sustainable building material that can be commercially used for green building projects.

Want to know more about our process?

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    Why Us

    Brick & paver products using an innovative patented technology

    Combined experience of 100+ years in environmental research & industrial waste remediation

    Proven technology with current operations since 2017 for fly ash remediation

    Releases less emissions than clay brick production

    Brixx Technologies
    and the Environment

    Our commitment to environmental performance includes carbon reduction, energy reduction, industrial waste recycling, and waste diversion from landfills.

    Reduce risk of toxins being leached into water supply

    Energy efficient compared to traditional brick and paver manufacturers

    Environmentally safe and non-toxic solid products

    Your premier brick
    and paver supplier

    Learn more about our recycled, renewable, and non-toxic products that you can specify in your architectural or construction projects to meet green building and LEED requirements.