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Company Overview

Brixx Technology, LLC has developed a proprietary method for producing sustainable building material that exceeds industrial standards, while reducing energy consumption and beneficially reusing industrial waste.

Brixx Technology manufactures sustainable building products that allow customers to dramatically reduce the embodied energy and carbon footprint of their project and incorporate significant recycled materials without compromising building performance or budget.


Our Mission

Brixx Technology's commitment to environmental performance includes carbon reduction, embodied energy reduction, recycled industrial waste, and waste diversion from landfills.

Brixx Technology uses 70% less energy than that of traditional manufacturers of building materials through the use of our patented manufacturing process and energy-efficient equipment. We are able to intake many different industrial wastes that would normally be landfilled with a high probability of environmental incidents.

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About Us

Brixx Technology LLC is a Houston-based remediation manufacturing company established in 2021 to build, own, and operate remediation manufacturing facilities. Brixx Technology utilizes a proven patented process for converting industrial waste from coal-power generating facilities and transforming the waste into non-toxic, high-strength, sustainable building materials.

Brixx Technology has proven the process for mass production by manufacturing different bricks and pavers in multiple sizes and shapes at a very high quality. The process can produce any shape, size, or configuration as long as it can be pressed into a mold. Brixx Technology is currently researching and developing other shapes that can be manufactured along with alternative uses of our process.

The Brixx remediation manufacturing process is highly energy efficient when compared to other brick manufacturing companies by using an estimated 70% less energy. With the efficiencies of energy consumption along with the no-cost for recycled raw materials, our product can be manufactured for pennies per brick.

A single Brixx uses more than 90% waste; this qualifies as a green sustainable building material. An environmental product declaration (EPD) will be issued shortly to Brixx Technology. This is a necessary step to obtain a LEED rating. The LEED product certification allows architecture or construction companies who are developing a green site to benefit from using Brixx for their overall rating.

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