Brixx are manufactured using a patented process and formula that produces a high-strength sustainable building material.

Brixx are made from many different industrial wastes, including coal combustion residuals from coal power plants, mining tailings from precious metal mining, red mud from aluminum manufacturing, rock quarry fines, steel metal fines, incinerated ash from wastewater treatment plants, etc.

A Brixx is made from +90% waste, while other traditional brick manufactures still mine clay and shale raw materials to produce their bricks.

The Brixx manufacturing process uses 70% less energy than traditional bricks by using a patented thermal curing process instead of a kiln.

No additional waste streams are created with our process; 100% of the industrial waste is consumed during production.

Brixx’s structural products are tested to ASTM C-73 for Calcium Silicate Bricks and ASTM C-62 for Building Bricks for comparison between tests. Brixx pavers for light traffic are tested to ASTM C-902 and heavy traffic to ASTM C-1272 Heavy Pavers.

Manufactured from clay, shale, or similar naturally occurring earthy substance
Designed Compressive Strength average min, psi Water Absorption Max lb./ft3 average 5 bricks
Average 5 Bricks Individual Brick
ASTM C-62 Building (Structural) Brick* 3,000 2,500 -
ASTM C-902 Light Pavers* 8,000 7,000 8
ASTM C-1272 Heavy Pavers* 10,000 8,800 6
Brixx +10,000 +10,000 5.4

No. Due to the chemical reaction occurring in the thermal curing process, a crystal structure is created to encapsulate any materials that would leach into the ground.

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